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For Your [Typographic] Information,

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Diagram of an Offset Press,

Proofreaders’ Marks,

“How Much Are Books Proofread Before They Are Published” thread,

“Why Some Texts on Book Spines and Bottles Read From Bottom to Top” thread,

DYMO Embossing Type Labelmaker,,,

247 Web Usability Guidelines,

File Format Info,,

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format,,


XMP Extensible Metadata Platform,

InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts,

Adobe Accessibility Standards,,

Preparing InDesign Files for Accessibility,

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Review of Adobe InDesign CS2,

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LCM/GCF Least Common Multiple,,

Sequential or Progressive Numbers in Formulas Rows Function,

Text Cleaner Functions by TextSoap,

Exponent (Power),

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions,

ISO Standard Paper Sizes,,,,

Foundations of :

  Design and Print Production,

  Web Design,

  Video Design and Production,

“New to DTP” thread,

Acrobat Printing Guide,

Understanding and Working with Print Signatures and Folding them Into a Booklet,

Office of the Yale University Printer,

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History of Dictionaries,,,

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Metric Kerning vs Optical Kerning,

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The Euro '€' Symbol,,,,;

International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA 2010),

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” End-of-transmission symbol,

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“Default UI” by F. Özkaramanlı,

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Machine Tags for Type,

Editorially (Collaborative Writing),

Font Formats

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Bitmap,,, raster-12-2048,

True Type,


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WOFF,, w3.or/proposal,

Language Coverage,

Variable Fonts

“Introducing OpenType Variable Fonts” by J. Hudson,,

“Introducing OpenType Variable Fonts” ATypI 2016 Warsaw Panel,,,

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“Typographic Potential of Variable Fonts” by B. Berning,,

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Hinting at Typowiki,

Hinting at MyFonts,

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“TrueType Hinting and Font Rendering” by T. Rickner,

“TrueType Hinting” by T. Penney,

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Legibility vs. Readability,

Science of Word Recognition,

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Reading Online Text,

Why People Don’t Read Online,

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“What Makes Some Fonts More Readable Than Others” thread,

Rate of Reading Test,

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“Good Legibility Tests For Typefaces” thread,

“Il1 Test”

“A Typeface For Reading” by R. Waller,

Flesch Readability Index,

“The Visual Nuclei Hypothesis” threads,,,,

“Which Are More Legible: Serif or Sans?” by A. Poole,, threads

“The Science (and Feeling) Behind Fonts” by M. Cho,,

“How Typefaces Influence the Way We Read and Think” by C. Gayomali,


“Designing the Ultimate Wayfinding Typeface” by R. Herrmann,,, .pdf

Clearview Highway Typeface,,,,,

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“British Motorway Signage System” by Kinneir and Calvert,,

Max Kerning, the Man (Not the Idiot),

Typography for Children,

Graffiti Comic Strip by P. Selby,; comments

“Typeface for a School Book” thread,

“ADD and Words per Line (Design for Attention)” by L. Powell,

Type-Syntactic (poetry: layout to read slow) by J.B. Piggin,,

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“Fonts and Authority Perception” thread,

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“On Dowding’s ‘Finer Points of the Spacing and Arrangement of Type’thread,

“Do Readers of Chinese Get Dyslexia in the Same Way English Reading People Do?”

Read Regular,

“Grover” by S. Castle,

“Letter Misrecognition for General, Children, Dyslexic, Visually Impaired and Ageing Readers” by T. Bohm,

Mencap by FontSmith,,, press

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“What Font Saves the Most Ink” thread,

Spritz (Reading Reimagined),, thread

Alphabetic Letter Similarity Matrices,

Eye Chart,,,,

“Optotypes, Eye Charts in Focus” by Frear and Hoefler,

Gaze Movement and Focal Points,

Eye Movement References,

AdeLE Eye Tracking Prototype,

Retina Typeface Specimen,,,,

“Eye Tracking (Gaze Paths) Are Strongly Influenced By Given Instructions” by S. Weinschenk,

“How Much the Eye Tells the Brain” at E. Tufte,,

Design To Read Resources,

Letter Identification,

Screen Web Typography

“The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web” by R. Rutter,

“Web Typography Sucks” by Rutter and Boulton,

“Layout” at A List Apart,

“Digital Is Not an Excuse for Bad Typography” by R. Fink,

Typography Is Impossible” by M. Wichary,

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“The Web’s Grain” by F. Chimero,,

Responsive Typography Demo,

Responsive Measure jQuery Plugin for Responsive Typography,

Syntax for OpenType Features in CSS (liga, smcp, onum, etc.),

Apple San Francisco Fonts,,,,

Typeplate Web Typography Starter,

Aloha Editor,


SASS Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet,

Stacey Lightweight Content Management System,

Writer for iPad,

Flash Player v.10 Text Engine,

Web 2.0 Howto Design Style Guide,

W3C Specification: Fonts,

WOFF by WebFonts Working Group,,

“Chester Jenkins on Webfonts” interview with Eye Magazine,,

Java 2 Platform SE 5.0 Class Font,

CSS Font Stacks Roundup,

Webydo Code-free Website Design,

Fount Javascript Webfont Identifier (online),, javascript

“.webfont Proposal by Leming and van Blokland,; proposal, post, metadata, foundries

“Revised Web Fonts Proposal” thread,

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“E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps” by Zickuhr and Rainie,

Webfontday Conferences by TGM,

Typotheque Web Font Service,, principle

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“Material Honesty on the Web” by K. Goldman,

Scroll Magazine,

Hot To Improve Web Typography,

Redability Tool for Web Browsers,,, javascript,

ClearType,,,,,; fonts-preview

Crisp Text for Google Chrome,

MS Nina, Verdana and Tahoma Compared,,

Jeffrey Zeldman Web Design Manifesto,

247 Web Usability Guidelines,

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“Inspirational Typography in Web Design” at Pattern Tap,

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“Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid” by W. Miner,

“O-rule + Golden Proportion fpr Calculating the Gurre in the Grid” by v. Carrer,

“Typography On the Web” thread,

“The Typography-out Approach In the World of Browser-based Web Design” by E.J. Stocks,

“BBC World Service Language Websites: User Experience and Typography” by K. Çanlıoğlu,

“What Makes Someone Leave a Website?” by J. Brockmeier,

“The Ultimate Usability Resource Roundup Posts” by J. Creech,

“The Hazy Future of Web Typography” by C. Foresman,

“Unreadable” by J. Clark,,

“Readable Web” by R. Fink,

“Markup & Style Authorship” by T. Brown,

“Perfectly-sized Web Graphics” by M. Golding,

“Pixel Proliferation Toolset” by Punchcut,

“Moving From Print To Screen” by J. Clark,,

“The Web Leaders Hate Typography (But Not For Long)” by S. Godin,

“Hypenation Arrives in Firefox and Safari” by Fontdeck,

“Better Justified Web Text” thread,

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“TeX Line Breaking Algorithm in JavaScript” by B. Stein,

“Hypher” by B. Stein,

“@font-face Observer” by B. Stein,

“Bibliotype, Longform Base Typography for Tablets” by Craig Mod,

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“Stricking Web Sites With Font Stacks That Inspire” by V. Vivian,

“Harboiled Web Design” by A. Clarke,

“How People with Disabilities Use the Web” by W3C,

“Controlling Web Typography” by T. Walton,

“Typographica Redesign” by T. Brown,

“In Defense of Readers” by M. Brown,,

“Fuck the Foundries” by M. Pilgrim,

“What Led to the Popularity of Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson” thread,

“Thoughts on Web Licensing” thread,

“iPad: Kids, Brand Expression and Archetypes” by T. Girvin,

“iPad Apps for Typography Fans” by M. Garcia,

“iPad Blows Kindle Out of the Water” by B. Hill,,

“The iPad's Screen Under the Microscope” by L. Mathis,

“Panel Discussion About the Design of E-Books” with P. van Blokland,

“Unbound [eBook] Pages” by J.D. Berry,,

“About Those Vector Icons” by K. Grouchnikov @kirillcool:

“Perspective in Icon Design” by V. Tran,

“Hand Drawn Icons” by V. Carrer,,

“Robin Nicholas, Creator of Arial, Comments on Web Fonts” by P. Serrão,

“Web Fonts At TypeCon 09/10” summaries,, @readableweb, @ilovetypography, @flickr

“Web Fonts” by D. Berlow,

“Screen Fonts: An Abbr. Hist.” by D. Berlow,

“Webfonts Support” by L. de Groot,

“The Changing Typography of the Web” D. Netburn,

Azuro” by Seifert and Kutilek:

“Design for a Target Experience First” by N. Ford,

“Apps For All: Coding Accessible Web Applications” by H. Pickering,

“DPI for Dummies: Images on Mobile Devices”, by C. Cohen,

“CSS Font-Feature-Settings OpenType Demo” by R. Rutter,

Punctuator RSS Feeds and Punctuation Marks by K. Çanlıoğlu,

FitText Web Plugin,

Font-To-Width Script,

Webfont Service Providers,

Web Fonts Awards,

@font-face,, screenshot,

“The Essential Guide to @font-face” by J. Johnson,


Adobe Partners With Typekit,, Web Fonts Tutorial,

Google Font Directory,, post

“How Google Designed an E-Book Font For Any Screen: Literata” by Google & TypeTogether,,

Monotype Spark Bitmap Solution,

Ubunto Font Family and Website Guidelines,,

Typecast for Monotype Imagine,,,

Mozilla Open Source Font,

ScreenSmart H&FJ Webfonts,

Fontshop on Web Fonts,,,


Webtype (“The Reading Edge Series”: a group of fonts for small sizes on screen),,


“An Overview of Web Font Services” by S. Egger,

The State of Web Type,

The Grid

Grid (Page Layout) definition,

“Grid Principles” by E. Lupton,

“The Golden Section Family” by M. Reynolds,

Golden Ratio, phi,,,

“Golden Section Illustration” by I. Gulkov,

“About Grid Systems” by D. Colley,

“Typography Is a Grid” by A. Froshaug,

The Art of The Grid,

The Grid System,,,,

Modular Scale by T. Brown and S. Kellum,,

Cedvel by F. Özkaramanlı,

InDesign Grid Calculator Pro,

“On Hybrids” by E. Block,

“Making Grids in Illustrator” by S. Ármannsson,

“Myths and Misconceptions About Grid Systems” by A. Carusone,

“Villard Diagram, Dividing a Segment In n Parts” by D. Capo,

“Baseline Grid in InDesign” thread,,

“Baseline Grid Example” by K. Tam,

“Grids Are Good” by M. Boulton,

“Simple Steps to Designing Grid Systems” by M. Boulton,

“Grids as Interfaces” by C. van den Heuvel,

“Designing & Thinking with Grids” by B. Sitek,

“The Vignelli Canon” by M. Vignelli,,

“Grid Systems” by S. Ármannsson,

The Greatest Manhattan Grid,

Hashgrid Tool,

Gridzzly (DIY Grid Paper),

Sketch Sheets for Web Designers,

“Type Specification Sheet” by J. Craig,

“jQuery Masonry” by D. DeSandro,,

“Moleskine Templates” by R. Graves,

Paper Browser,

“Pixel Proliferation Toolset” by Punchcut,

“Establishing Your Grid In Photoshop” by S. Schoeffel,

Sketching, Wireframing and Note-Taking Templates,

“Grids For Sketching” by B. Martineau,

“iAd Wireframe Stencils” by S. Boms,

“Can the Grid Really Be Broken” thread,

Book Design

“On Book Design” by R. Hendel,

“Book Typography” by Mitchell and Wightman,

“Text Principles” by E. Lupton,

“Explorations in Typography” by de Bartolo and Spiekermann,

“The Dire State of Book Typography” thread,

Tips for Top Type,,

Canons of Page Construction,

“The Golden Section Family” by M. Reynolds,

Golden Ratio, phi,,,

“Golden Section Illustration” by I. Gulkov,

“Book Design Pt.1” by J.D. Berry,

“Book Design Pt.2” by J.D. Berry,

“When Books Are Designed To Be Read” by P. Shaw,

“Incremental Leading” by M. Boulton,

“Typesetting Tables at 24ways” by M. Boulton,

“The Next Page: Thirty TOCs” by AIGA,

“Type That Keeps the Beat” thread,

“Break Up Big Blocks Text” thread,

Typeface Paring i.e. Mixing Type,,,,,

“Type Connection” Paring Game by A. Seltzer,

“Choosing a Font for Book Design” thread,

   “Font for Multilingual Books” thread,

   “Top Ten Typefaces Used by Book Design Winners” by S. Coles,

“Paragraph Rules” by Y. Peters,

“An Interview with Jim Felici” by F. Romano,

Tschichold on Dust-jackets,

“Designers Discuss InDesign Typography Tips” by P. Cady,

“Kerning Features in QuarkXPress and InDesign” by I. Strizver,

“Justification Advice in InDesign” thread,

“2 1/2 lc Alphabets; 75 to 80 Characters per Line” by W. Berkson,

“Choose a Comfortable Measure (Line Lenght)” by R. Bringhurst,,

“Consistent Correlation Between Book Page and Type Area” by J. Tschichold,

“Typesetting Mysteries Demystified” by I. Strizver,

“Book Interior Design” by D. Margulis,

Recto and Verso,

“Balancing Typeface Legibility and Economy” by V. Gaultney,, principles

Edward Tufte - “Ask E.T.”,

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“Oddest Book Titles” by A. Flood,

“Word Spacing in InDesign” thread,,

“Digital Is Not an Excuse for Bad Typography” by R. Fink,

“Islands of Thought in Macrotypography (Linespaces vs. Indents)” by N. Ford,

“Like a Pearl in My Hand” by C. Hesper,

MA Book Design University of Reading,

The Making of a Letterpress Book,

Joe Kral's Book Collection,

he Designer’s Review of Books,, @apolaine

Old-Timey Paperback Book Covers,

Book Covers Blog by C. Papasadero,

NYTimes Book Design Review,

Book Covers by David Pearson Design,

Brian Dettmer Book Art,

Octavo Editions,

Pagehand Word Processor,

Book Scanner ScanRobot by Treventus Mechatronics,

Books About Watermarks by Oak Knoll,

Checklist of Aldine (Aldus Manutius) Editions Owned by BYU,

“A Tribute to the Printer Aldus Manutius, and the Roots of the Paperback” by J. Schuessler,

Euclid’s Element of Geometry,

The Typographic Mind,


“¿Conoces el BOOK?” by PopularLibros,

DTP Tutorials,

DTP Forum,

Prepress Forum,

Book Design Tips,

Photopolymer Platemaking by Hand,

InDesign Scripts by T. Silkjaer,

Quite Imposing Guide 1.2,

Understanding and Working with Print Signatures and Folding them Into a Booklet,

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Mag+ “Reading Magazines on Handheld Digital Devices” by Bonnier and BERG,

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Kindle II,,,

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A Look at the New Digital Version of Wired Magazine,

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“Why E-Books Look So Ugly” thread,,

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“Making Their Mark” by A. Tribe,

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“Students Demonstrate Innovative iPad Book Page Flip” by K. Hodgkins,

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Risograph Zine:,

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“Open Book Workshop” by van Dyke and Unikel,

Twitter Book by Ether Press,

ILAB League of Antiquarian Booksellers,

SHARP Society of Authorshio, Reading and Publishing,


Bookshelf Porn,

Book News,

P-DPA (Post-Digital Publishing Archive),

Book Binding


Philobiblon Tutorials,

Book Binding Introduction,


Wilsey Rare Books Glossary,

Talas Bookbinding,

Japanese Bookbinding,,

Encuadernacion de Libros,

The Making of a Letterpress Book,

How-To Bind a Hardcover Book,

How to Make a Perfect Bound Book,

Bookbinding Hand Sewn,, lesson-two, lesson-three, lesson-four

Alternative Bookbinding,,


News Designer,

Newseum,, map-view,

SND Society for News Design,,

SPD Society of Publication Designers,

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“News on Paper in the Digital Age” by J.D. Berry,

Newspaper Fonts, 12/2005, 04/2007, 11/2007;

Ron Reason,

Garcia Media,

Jim Parkinson,,,

Walter Tracy,

Mark Porter,

Roger Black, “The Last Blog”,

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About Greta by P. Biľak,,

About Swift by G. Unger,,,,

About Gulliver by G. Unger,

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“Newspaper Font Size” thread,

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Phone Book Typography,

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Newspaper Design Day 2006 (St Bride),

Award-Winning Newspaper Designs 2007,,

Award-Winning Newspaper Designs 2008,,,,

D&D Awards 2009,

Historical Newspapers,

“Rare Newspapers” by T. Huges,, @twitter

Collection of Chinese Masthead Clip-Art,

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SF Chronicle Redesign,,,

The Times,,,,,, claritas

Äripäev,; metroflex.pdf


New York Times,,,,

New York Times Magazine,,

Corriere Della Sera,,

Guardian Collection by Barnes and Schwarts,,

Portland Press Herald “Sitting Pretty” by W. Watson,

The Boston Globe’s Brand Integration Across Media,

Redesigning the Pennsylvania Indipendent College Newspaper,

“Workflow for Newspapers” by M. Picasso,

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“The Snailpaper Term” by D. Bloom,

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“Printing The NYT and Kindle” by N. Carlson,,

Poynter Online on Journalism,

RSS Readers,,

NYT Times Reader 2.0,,

Spectra Visual Newsreader,

Arkitex Eversify Tablet Publishing to Welcome Newspaper,, Create Your Newspaper,

Wayfinding and Signage

Wayfinding News,

“Thank You For Not Smoking” article on Signage by R. Caplan,

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“Wayfinding Systems” by L. Wyman,

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“Cities and Their Typographic Associations” by G. Johansson,,

“Walk [Your City]” by M. Tomasulo,,

“Brisbane (Australia)” by T. Leinster,

Eye Catch Signs Tactile Maps,

Curbside Haiku NYC Street Signs:, @facebook

“What‘s Your Signage” by SBDC,

“On Visiting a Warship / 防衛庁の公式ホームページが頭おかしい” by Japanese Ministry of Defence,

“Symbol Signs” by AIGA,

“Entypo Pictograms” by D. Bruce,

Sign Design Society,

Wayfinding News,

Film and Video

“Adrian Frutiger, The Man of Black and White”,

“Etched in Stone” by C. Dave,

“Feeling Good” by T.G. Connolly,

“Firefly Letterpress”,

“Carl Dair at Enschedé: the last days of metal type”,

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Abstract, the Art of Design,

Graphic Means,

Forget the Film Watch the Titles,

Movie Titles Stills Collection,

Oscar-winning Movie Fonts 2015,

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