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“ I believe that all education proceeds by the participation of the individual in the social

consciousness of the race. This process begins unconsciously almost at birth, and is continually

shaping the individual’s powers, saturating his consciousness, forming his habits, training his

ideas, and arousing his feelings and emotions.

   Through this unconscious education the individual gradually comes to share in the intellectual

and moral resources which humanity has succeeded in getting together. He becomes an inheritor of

the funded capital of civilization.

   The most formal and technical education in the world cannot safely depart from this general

process. It can only organize it or differentiate it in some particular direction. School is an

institution free of the concrete demands made by existing standards in the profession.

   Teaching programs should be open, constantly evolving and never bound by fixed opinions. ”

I believe that education is a process of living, and not a preparation for future living.

It is important for society that school be a place for experimentation.

Students should not be given irrevocable truths or absolute values, but instead should be guided

in developing their abilities to independently search for knowledge and personal values.

It’s often the way you think about people that often determines their behaviors;

you have to change the way that people see themselves before they can change their behaviors. ”

I asked the Professor about the secret of success; two words.

The Professor said: “Right decisions.”

Then I asked how I can make the right decision; one word.

The Professor said: “Experience.”

I asked what is the secret of experience.

The Professor said: “Wrong decisions.”

Everything is okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.



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Famous Inventions,

The Knife,

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“The Importance of Prototyping” thread,

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How to Pirate a Vinyl Record,

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Go (How To Play Go),,

LCM/GCF Least Common Multiple,,

Exponent (Power),

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Perpenduum Design Blog,

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Talmud (Torah),

Educational Technology Timeline,

Computer History,,

Information Technology,

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Dunlopillo Brochure,

The Blue School Kindergarten,

“Designing for (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder” thread,

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Drugs and the Brain,,

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Concise History of Western Music,

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The Authentic History Center (American Popular Culture),, Academy of American Poets,

“Wikipedia and the Future of the Past” by R. Rosenzweig,

“How and Why Wikipedia Works” by D. Riehle,

Reliability of Wikipedia,

Maison de l‘Outil, The Tool and Trade Museum,

MovieWeb, Movie Posters & Reviews,

Criterion Films Collection,

Hoovers Companies Directory,

Berg Design Education Book Catalogue,

Typophile Books Library,

Résumé & Portfolio

“Ten Common Mistakes in Résumés and Cover Letters” by P. Vrontikis,

“Insights on Writing Your Résumé” by S. Geissbuhler,

“Resume Tips” by D. Park,

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Weebly Website Builder,

Squarespace Website Builder,

Wix Website Builder,


Plattcollege Online San Diego,

Sessions eLearning Courses,

Elearning 2.0,

MIT OpenCourseWare,

Jisc NUS Student Experience Benchmarking Tool,


Thinking for a Living,

Academic Earth,

School of Everything,

Radio Free School OSL,

Elearning Solutions for Education,

Course Builder Open Source eLearning Development Software,

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History of Online Education Infographic,

Comparing Blogs to Other Communication Tools,

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Ohours Open Office Hours, 

Electronic Education for the New Millennium, NYC Board of Education, presentation.pdf, summary.pdf

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Atlas of Electromagnetic Space,

Sputnik Observatory For the Study of Contemporary Culture,


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Visual Literacy: on visualization for communication, engineering and business,

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Survey Design,,

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MIT Visualizing Cultures,

Educate Yourself,

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“Elevate Web Design at the University Level” by L. Inman,,

Instructional Design

Instructional Design,

Gagné's Theory of Instruction,é-instructional-theory,é-instructional-theory

“What Instructional Designers Do: Is this a career for you?” by C. Malamed,

“What Does an Instructional Designer Do?” by C. Tucker,

“What Everybody Ought to Know About Instructional Design” by T. Kuhlmann,

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Breaking into Instructional Design,

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Course Builder Open Source eLearning Development Software,,

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Webydo Code-free Website Design,


Tradeshift Free Online Invoicing Tool,

Constant Contact Email Marketing Solutions,

AWeber Email Marketing Solutions,

iContact Email Marketing Solutions,

MailChimp Email List Manager, Subscription Newsletters,

CSV Email,


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Schoolhouse by L. Collins,

GPA Calculator,

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Check-Off by J. Williams,

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Butler by P. Maurer,

Mail Rules and Plugins,,,,

Unmarked TextSoap,

Skytag File Buddy,

Tile App,


Online Tools to Help the Writing Process,







BPM Online Metronome,,

OS X Features and Shortcuts,,

The Unarchiver,

FileMaker Pro,

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Sequential or Progressive Numbers in Formulas Rows Function,

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Mint Budgeting Tool,

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Workshop Hints and Things,


“What Is the Easiest Way to Cut a Pizza Into 11 Equal Slices” thread,

PostScript Driver (⌘P .ps .pdf),; windows

SMOG Readability Calculator,

Words Count,

Syllabe Counter,

Letter Frequency Meter,

Vector Editor Online,

Web Accessibility Tools,,

Application Compatibility Table by RoaringApps,

“Comprehensive List of Online Feedback Tools” by V. Bergspics,


Share & Search


Speaker Deck,





TinEye Reverse Image Search,

Email Charter,


Lexicon Wikipédia Summary,

How to Use Google Search More Effectively,

Inside Google Search,



Stacey Lightweight Content Management System,

Klout Standard for Influence Online,

Wpshower Word Press Themes,, Create Your Newspaper,

Compfight Flickr Search Tool,

Flight Tracking,,,,

Bing Live Search,

PDFs Search,


Blog List by Elmanco,

Songza Music Jukebox,


Knowhow Nonprofit,

Design Competition Directory,

Graphic Competitions,




Calaméo Publisher and Browser,

Wired How-To Wiki,



Glassdoor Get Hired,

Design Engine Jobs by B. Brejcha,

Social Sites for Finding a Job,

Forever Self-Improvement,

Online Solution for Design and Project Management,

Simply Hired Job Search Engine,

POYi Archives for Photojournalism,

British Library Public Domain Images,,

Wayback Machine Internet Archive,

Travelling, Time, Maps, etc.

Lonely Planet,


Google Maps,

TripIt Travel Itinerary,

Time and Date,,,

World Time Zone Map,, standard

UTC/GMT (Coordinated Universal Time) ISO-8601,, ISO-8601

Time Zone Converter:

Weather Forecasts,,,,

OANDA and XE Universal Currency Converter,,

Swiss National Bank Glossary (SNB),

Moon Calculator for the Lunar Phases by B. Wilson,

Daily Routines,


Airport Codes,

Telephone Dialing Codes,,,

UrbanRail Maps,

Map Resources,

Explorer by C.A. Weingarten,

Peter Langer AMG International Travel Photographer,

CIA Reference Maps,

CIA World Factbook,

EPS maps,


Atlas Xpeditions,

USPS Airmail M-Bags,


Ourplace World Heritage,

Omniglot Radio List,

BBC Radio,


Bike Arrow Japan,


“Slowcoast” by N. Hand,

“Ziegler Family Newsletter” by N. Ziegler,

“The Longest Way 1.0” by C. Rehage,,

“A Tale of Two Trains” by J. Thackara,

“Hong Kong’s Human Battery Hens” by S. Tomlinson,

“Tips on How to Sleep Better” by J. Mercola,



Travellerspoint Travel Community,

Venere Hotels Engine,

Places to Stay and Abaka,,

HRS Hotel Reservation Service,

LHW The Leading Hotels of the World,

Kayak Travel Search,

Population Action International,

People and Places Photos, by G.R. Frysinger,

Faces in Places,

The Art of Manliness,

“Taking a New Look at Health” by B. Fry,

Creative Monuments,

Strange (and Unusual) Maps,,

“Mapping Stereotypes” by Y. Tsvetkov,

National Anthems,

Virtual Shoe Museum,


Cabin Porn,



“The Cook’s Thesaurus” by L. Alden,

“With Our Own Hands (Crop Varieties, Food & Climate Change)” by F. van Oudenhoven,,

“It’s Not Climate Change — It’s Everything Change” by M. Atwood,

“Food Safety for the 21st Century” by P.W. Chang,,

“The Water We Eat” by A. Morelli,,

“Where Did Earth’s Water Come From?” by Z. Metz,

“Gente Come Noi (People Are Alike All Over / The Twilight Zone)” by M. Leisen,, post


Design On The Wheels (Dizajn Na Kolesách),

OECD Factbook eXplorer for Analysing Country Statistics,

Orkin Pest Sontrol,

Xeno-Canto Bird Songs,

“The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D” by T. Darnell:


Earth Quake Information,

Eikongraphia by M. van Raaij,

Traveler IQ Challenge,

Fifty People One Question,

“We Feel Fine” by J. Harris,

“Universe” by J. Harris,,

“All Streets” by B. Fry,

Understanding USA,

World Stadiums,

World Clock,

World Statesmen,

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