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English,, oxford, wordnik, phrases, thesaurus, morewords, wordreference,, englishforums, usingenglish, grammar







Indo-European,, pokorny-etymological/index

Italian,,,,,,, grammatica, sintassi, proverbi, aforismi, sinonimi, verbi, etimologia,


Japanese,,,, kanji,

Chinese,, chardict,,






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European Word Translator,

Babylon Multilingual Translator, Dictionaries,

TFD by Farlex,


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Italian Proverbs,

LingoZ Online Dictionary Community,

Linguist List Dictionaries,

The Shorter Thesaurus,

The Visual Dictionary,

Oddcast Text-To-Speech,

Acronym Finder,

Languages & Linguistics

SIL Ethnologue: Languages of the World,

Omniglot Tower of Babel,

Linguistic Family Tree,, .jpg

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Languages Relations,

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World’s Most Spoken Languages Infographic Map,

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Phonetic Fonts,

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Tautology in Logic and Rhetoric,

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Linguist List Teaching and Learning,

Writing Systems,


Paleography: Dedicated Linkography,

Editing & Stylebook

(APS) Associated Press Stylebook,,

(APA) American Psychological Association,,

(CMS) Chicago Manual of Style,, citation/guide;,,

(USG) U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual,

(IEP) Editorial Rules, Regole Redazionali,

(MLA) Modern Language Association,,,;

Interactive Citation Styles Guide,

The Punctuation Guide,

Writing & Styles

Latin terms (i); dashes (i) (ii) (iii) (n) (m); quotations (i); hyphen (i) (ii) (iii);

titles (i); footnotes (i) (ii); numbers (i); punctuation (i) (ii) (iii);

ligatures (i); irony (i) (ii); exclamation (i), emailing (i).

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Word Processors & Text Editors

iA Writer,





Spell Check




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Word Counting

Words Count,

SMOG Readability Calculator,,

Syllabe Counter,

Letter Frequency Meter,



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TLE – Teaching and Learning Excellence – UW Madison,

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab,

NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming,,

TIP Language Domain,

Linguist List Text and Computer Tools, Language Forums,

Evertype by M. Everson,

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Indispensable Writing Resources,

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Language & Learning Skills Writing Resources,

Henry Miller On Writing,

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Latin Transliteration Norms,

Unesco Linguistic Resources,

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Bulwer-Lytton Contest Winners,

Nobel Prize Winners Elastic List,

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Developing Teachers Tips,

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Poetry Glossary,

Lyrics Directory,

Rap Star Name Generator,

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Conversion Equivalences,,

Chemistry Periodic Table,

The RSPB UK Bird Guide,

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Omniglot Radio Sations,

Omniglot Newspapers & Magazines List,

Omniglot Foreign Phrases,

First Thousand Words in English (and audio),


Action Verbs,

Anagram Generators,,

“Anagram Studies” Thesis by D. Bailey,,

Technopaegnia (Figure Poems),

A Word A Day,

Jabberwacky Chatterbot,,,; news

“Grawlix: Cursing, A Word For That @#$%&?!!” by J. Hoefler,

“Automatic Flatterer” by G. Oakley,

“Bob Hayes NFL Hall of Fame Forgery” by T. Phinney,

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I Could Care Less, A Loated Phrase Turns 50” by J. Freeman,

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The Longest Word in English,,


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Credopedia Search Engine on Religion,

NNDB People Activities,

Dictionarist Online Talking,

“Greek To Me”: Mapping Mutual Incomprehension,

“Why and How to Give a 5min. Ignite Talk” by S. Berkun,

“Hemingway’s Favourites” by S. Usher,, @ListsOfNote

Cardinal Mezzofanti Polyglot,

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Progetto Manuzio Biblioteca Liber Liber,,

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“How and Why Wikipedia Works” by D. Riehle,

Reliability of Wikipedia,

Lexicon Wikipédia Summary,

World Statesmen,


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