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  Design and Print Production,

  Web Design,

  Video Design and Production,

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PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format,,


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Graphic Design Basics,

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The Grid

Grid (Page Layout) definition,

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ColorSchemer Studio,

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The History of Colour Systems,


CIE Lab and LCH,,,

HSL and HSV,,,

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LaCie Hardware & Human Factors Influence Color Management,

LaCie Color Spaces & Color Translation,

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Color Name,

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Wayfinding and Signage

Wayfinding News,

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Eye Catch Signs Tactile Maps,

Curbside Haiku NYC Street Signs:, @facebook

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Sign Design Society,

Wayfinding News,

Book Design

“On Book Design” by R. Hendel,

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Tips for Top Type,,

Canons of Page Construction,

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“Book Design Pt.2” by J.D. Berry,

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“Incremental Leading” by M. Boulton,

“Typesetting Tables at 24ways” by M. Boulton,

“Type That Keeps the Beat” thread,

“Break Up Big Blocks Text” thread,

Typeface Paring i.e. Mixing Type,,,,

“Type Connection” Paring Game by A. Seltzer,

“Choosing a Font for Book Design” thread,

   “Font for Multilingual Books” thread,

   “Top Ten Typefaces Used by Book Design Winners” by S. Coles,

“Paragraph Rules” by Y. Peters,

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“Justification Advice in InDesign” thread,

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Recto and Verso,

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Edward Tufte - “Ask E.T.”,

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“Word Spacing in InDesign” thread,,

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MA Book Design University of Reading,

Joe Kral's Book Collection,

The Designer’s Review of Books,, @apolaine

Old-Timey Paperback Book Covers,

Book Covers Blog by C. Papasadero,

NYTimes Book Design Review,

Book Covers by David Pearson Design,

Brian Dettmer Book Art,

Octavo Editions,

Pagehand Word Processor,

Book Scanner ScanRobot by Treventus Mechatronics,

Books About Watermarks by Oak Knoll,

Checklist of Aldine (Aldus Manutius) Editions Owned by BYU,

“A Tribute to the Printer Aldus Manutius, and the Roots of the Paperback” by J. Schuessler,

The Typographic Mind,


“¿Conoces el BOOK?” by PopularLibros,

DTP Tutorials,

DTP Forum,

Prepress Forum,

Book Design Tips,

InDesign Scripts by T. Silkjaer,

Quite Imposing Guide 1.2,

“Page Maker Past, Present, and Future (A Brief History of Publishing)” by P. Adams,,

Mag+ “Reading Magazines on Handheld Digital Devices” by Bonnier and BERG,

Flipboard for iPad,

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Kindle II,,,

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“Friends Make Books” by J. Miceli,

Twitter Book by Ether Press,

ILAB League of Antiquarian Booksellers,

SHARP Society of Authorshio, Reading and Publishing,


Bookshelf Porn,

Book News,

P-DPA (Post-Digital Publishing Archive),



Philobiblon Tutorials,

Book Binding Introduction,

Wilsey Rare Books Glossary,

Talas Bookbinding,

Japanese Bookbinding,,

Encuadernacion de Libros,

Bookbinding Hand Sewn,, lesson-two, lesson-three, lesson-four

Alternative Bookbinding,,

Support and Tutorials

Adobe Products,, exchange, brilliant; CS,

Adobe Support,

Adobe Apps Explained,


InDesign Movies & Sound,

Media Training UK Courses,

Vector Editor Online,


DTP Tools,

DTP Basics,

Designer’s Toolkit,

PDF Standards,

Certified PDF,

Image Resolution,

Folding Terms,

Quite PDF Editing Plug-ins,

Quite Imposing Guide 1.2,


Design Applications,

GraphicConverter Tutorials,

Multimedia Download Help Centre,

MPEG Streamclip,

Perian QuickTime Component,

How To Take a Screenshot,

“Ten Best Practices for Designing Mobile Websites” by A. Henderson,

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“May I Show You My Portfolio?” by M. Bierut,

“Creating The Perfect Online Portfolio” by C. Ta'eed,

“Personal Photo on a Portfolio Site” thread,

 Collectives and Presentation:

   Behance Network,



   Computerlove Connecting Creative Talents,

   Coroflot Portfolios,

   Folio 11,

   Graphic Design Blog,

   Presentation Zen,

Film and Video

“Briefly” by T. Bassett,,,

“Adrian Frutiger, The Man of Black and White”,

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Graphic Designer vs. Client,

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Graphic Means,

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Ibiblio Famous Artworks Exhibition,

Multi, The RIT Journal,

International Journal of Design,

Counter-Print: art and design related material,

The Designer’s Review of Books,

The Serif Publishing,

Winterhouse Editions,

Princeton Architectural Press,

Allworth Press,

Focal Press,

Hyphen Press,

Nijhof & Lee,

Sage Journals,


Bookshelf Porn,

Typowiki Books,

Spec (as in ‘speculative’)


AIGA Position on Spec Work,, standard-spec-letter.pdf

“Specs and Contests: We All Lose” by T. James,

“How to Educate Your Clients on Spec Work” by T. James,

“The Truth About Tenders” by M. Hendersen,

“Thinking Out Loud About Pro Bono Work” by S. Olude,

“Crowdsourcing: Sabotaging Our Value” by T. Wilder,

“How Much Do I Charge My Client” thread,

Pro Bono Contract Sample,

The Anonymous License,

“Against Crowdsourcing Logo Design: an Open Letter From AIGA to the Tokyo Olympic Committee,

“When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free” by E. Reagan,,

“All Possible Futures: Experimental Jetset on Speculative Graphic Design” by J. Sueda,

“Working Pro-bono” by T. Stephan,

“Should I Work for Free?” by J. Hische,

Commerce and Products

EventsEye Trade Shows,

Hoovers Companies Directory,

Veer “Visual Elements for Creatives”,


The Roland Collection of Film & Videos on Art,

“The One Hour Guide to Self-Publishing” by D. Bricker,

“Time & Space” by E. Zelinski,,

Arjowiggins Blank Sheet Project,

Red Lemon Club Resources for Creative Freelancers,

Unicahome Furnishings,

Harmonie Intérieure Décoration,

Rockport Publishers,

Nijhof & Lee,

You Work For Them,

Winterhouse Editions,

Colophon Magazine Symposium,,

Society6, Affordable Art Prints & T-shirt,

Roz Goldfarb Associates,

Design Competition Directory,

Graphic Competitions,

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