as8: Professional Service & Statement

I offer effective and efficient custom solutions for book typesetting and

book design, book cover, font design, logo and identity design.

I like to manage complex information systems.

If the purpose of written language is to communicate content & concepts,

then typography’s role is to facilitate comprehension and convey meaning.

The importance of phronesis and the language of beauty led me to the

pragmatic need of dealing with techne and problem solving, as we do when

we dialogue — I want my clients and students to be liberally educated

individuals, men/women who are at home in the world of ideas — that is my

mission ‘QUEST’: Question, Understand, Explore, Strategize, and Invent.

I mostly use type and layout as material to enhance a reader’s overall

experience of text, through consideration of the aesthetics of letterforms,

typographic variables and the structure of information.

Requests for job and inquiries related to design education are welcome.

A detailed résumé and portfolio are available by request.

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My best,

Alessandro Segalini   email   voice  +90 232 411 71 33  address

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